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10 Billy Bob Thornton Worthy Pictures of Bad Santa’s

The Holiday Season is upon us which means one thing: drunk Santa Clauses passing out in precarious situations.  After working long hours in malls and at parties,  you can’t blame these Santa’s for blowing off some steam with a little of Grandpa’s Old Cough Syrup. Here are 10 pictures of drunk and passed out Bad Santa’s that make Billy Bob Thornton proud:

10. This is why you leave cookies (not booze) under the tree for Santa.

9. At least he kept his pants on…

8. In position waiting for Miss Santa

7. Talk about a long day at the office…

6.  This Santa will need Drinkwel in the morning

5. This Santa traded in his sleigh for a subway token and a bottle of Jack.

4. The Elf with Nike’s is already applying for a job with the Easter Bunny.

3. Fuck me, Santa. Fuck me, Santa.

2. The Full Frontal

1. Surprise!

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  1. e man says:

    come lol 1 kiss

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